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2011-12-18 03:32 am

Two new bands to add to my list

Gods, I wish I could win about 900 million dollars. I'd spent about half that on new music if I did. (It totally sucks playing one's whole collection to the point of getting tired of it and being unable to add to one's collection. If it weren't for the Internet, I'd have died of boredom years ago. Especially since most pop music sucks.)

Van Canto:

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Saor Patrol:

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2011-09-07 05:11 pm

"Oh" by Pscyhe Corporation

This is so beautiful, and so dark.

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2011-07-03 10:21 pm


Capybaras aren't really rats. Rodents, but not rats. Anyway, fun song.

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2011-06-15 04:18 am

I need some new music

I need new music. I should probably listen to Pandora more. But I want more goth and industrial titles, too. And most of the bands I listen to I learned about from buying compilation albums from HotTopic. Sure, others I found online, but most of the good stuff I find on compilation CDs, or from magazines. Heck, I start looking up bands from this 3-CD set of goth/industrial music I borrowed from the library.

Anybody has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

What I like:

* Skinny Puppy
* Evanescence/Amy Lee
* Cruxshadows (I should check out their discography, see if they have any CDs I don't own yet.)
* Voltaire
* Emilie Autumn
* Nebelhexe
* Abney Park
* Corvus Corax
* Creature Feature
* The Dreamside
* Wumpscut
* Seanan McGuire
* Dr. Steel
* Ego Likeness
* Dead Can Dance
* Gogol Bordello
* Lacuna Coil
* Eisbrecher
* Joachim Witt
* Rammstein
* The Birthday Massacre
* Blue Oyster Cult
* Godsmack/Sully Erna
* System of a Down/Serj Tankian
* Tool/A Perfect Circle
* Marilyn Manson
* Korn
* Dresden Dolls
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2011-04-22 09:16 pm

Got some new music.

I got some new music recently. An Eisbrecher album, a new Ego Likeness album, and several Garbage albums. The Eisbrecher album and Ego Likeness album are both great. Haven't listened to the Garbage albums yet, but at least one of them I heard a lot in art class in high school, so I know I like that one. Anyway, at some point I plan on posting YouTube videos of songs while I listen to them. Can't right now, though, because I'm at [personal profile] kengr's house, and my music is at home.

Also got a notebook with a magnetic clasp. No lines on the paper, so I can either write or draw or both. I like it.
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2010-10-23 04:14 pm

Serj Tankian

Listening to Serj Tankian's solo album, "Imperfect Harmonies." Serj is the lead singer of System of a Down. So far, I'm impressed. Serj brings SOAD's love of experimentation to his solo album, which is awesome. What I've always loved about SOAD is that every song is completely different from all their others, while retaining a certain "flavor" that connects them in a way that you can immediately tell by listening, "Oh, that has GOT to be a System of a Down song!" At the same time, the songs so far on Serj's solo album have a different flavor from SOAD songs. It's a similar flavor, like how cheddar cheese is similar to American Cheese (for lack of a better comparison). I like the differences, he makes them really work well. It's a little softer than SOAD's usual fare, but still nowhere near a lullabye.

The first song, "Disowned Inc.," did a spectacular job at making chaotic, unmelodic piano (and other) sounds melodic despite their unmelody. The... chord? whatever: the bit of music the first song repeats sounds like someone banging keys haphazardly on a piano, but the repitition of that sound, and the addition of sounds that balance it out and move in harmony with it, gives it a melodic feel nonetheless. This CD will be worth it if only for that song, though the other songs so far are pretty good too. Here, I'll let you judge for yourself:

Serj also keeps SOAD's signature criticism of corporations, war, nationalism, and other societal ills, at least in some of the songs (I haven't read all the lyrics yet). Like "Borders Are":

I haven't heard the whole CD yet, but so far, I give this album two thumbs and a big toe UP!
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2010-10-23 03:31 pm

Loving Avalon

Loving Sully Erna's "solo" album, "Avalon." It's a good thing, too. It was kind of a risk, given Godsmack's history of spin-offs. Dunno if any of y'all remember this or not, but some years back, a bunch of Godsmack rejects got together and made a band called Dropbox. It had the potential to be a good band, despite being made up of people Godsmack rejected, and Sully Erna, Godsmack's lead singer, seemed excited by their group. But in my opinion, it was a dismal failure. I bought their CD. Listened to it once, was so unimpressed that I never listened to it again. They only ever had one album, and disbanded in 2006, so I can't have been the only one to hate it. In fact, given that *I*, of all people, didn't like their album, I'm not surprised they disbanded. It takes a really crappy album for me to so utterly reject it.

But Sully Erna's album, Avalon, is total winmantium.
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2010-10-23 02:53 pm

Sully Erna

Sully Erna, lead singer of Godsmack, has a "solo" album!

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2010-10-14 01:32 am